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Banquet Menu

What Nature Perfected...We Prepare

All Breads, Pastries, Cookies, Sauces, Dressings and Additions are freshly-made here on-site.


Scratch-Made Cookies     $4.95/dozen
Doolittle's House Salad (serves 15) $29.95
Very Cheesy Garlic Bread     $6.25 / 9 pieces


$65 for 15 sandwiches
$130 for 30 sandwiches

An assortment of our Artisan-Bread Sandwiches hand-crafted with assorted locally-made cheeses and fresh-sliced deli meats. Includes all condiments, Leaf lettuce, ripe tomatoes, red onions and dill pickle spears. Served with Fresh Kettle Chips and Ranch Dipping Sauce.

Box Lunches

$8.50 each (6” sandwiches)
Your choice of freshly-sliced ham, turkey or roast beef and cheeses, on a freshly-baked wheat or white hoagie bun. Includes fresh vegetable toppings, condiments, Fresh Kettle Chips and cookie.


Assorted Bottled Waters, Sports Drinks and Sodas