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Banquet Menu

What Nature Perfected...We Prepare

All Breads, Pastries, Cookies, Sauces, Dressings and Additions are freshly-made here on-site.


Scratch-Made Cookies     $4.95/dozen
Fresh Kettle Chips (serves 4)     $4.95
Potato Salad or Coleslaw     $9.95/quart
Seasonal Fresh Fruit Platter* (serves 15-20)     $49.95
Doolittle’s House or Caesar Salad (serves 15)     $29.95
Iced-Strudel Dessert Bread     $4.95 / 9 pieces
Fresh Honey Dessert Bread     $4.95 / 9 pieces
(Strawberry Blueberry, Orange, Huckleberry, or Raspberry)
Very Cheesy Garlic Bread     $5.95 / 9 pieces


$49.95 for 15 sandwiches
$99.95 for 30 sandwiches

An assortment of our Artisan-Bread Sandwiches and/or delicate Pinwheels hand-crafted with assorted locally-made cheeses and fresh-sliced deli meats. Includes all condiments, Leaf lettuce, ripe tomatoes, red onions and dill pickle spears. Served with Fresh Kettle Chips and Ranch Dipping Sauce.

Box Lunches

$6.95 each (6” sandwiches)
$9.95 each (12” sandwiches)

Your choice of freshly-sliced ham, turkey or roast beef and cheeses, on a freshly-baked wheat or white hoagie bun. Includes fresh vegetable toppings, condiments, Fresh Kettle Chips and Ranch Dipping Sauce, pickle spear and cookie.


Assorted Bottled Waters, Sports Drinks and Sodas

Pure 'N Simple

Group Orders

1. Freshly-Baked Pizzas, Calzones and Fresh Kettle Chips prepared throughout the day from Idaho Potatoes with our Ranch Dipping Sauce
$245 serves 50 / 3 slices per person

2. Jumbo & Meaty Wings tossed with House-made Sauces, Crisp Celery Sticks and Fresh Kettle Chips with our Ranch Dipping Sauce
$255 serves 50 / 6 wings per person

3. Mixed-Vegetable Garden Salad and House-made Soup, including Freshly-Baked Handcrafted Rolls with Fresh-Whipped Butter
$235 serves 50 / 6 oz salad and 12 oz soup per person

4. Fresh, ’Nordic Style’ Probiotic-Yogurt Parfait Bar including Seasonal Fresh Berries and Sliced Fruits, Mixed Raw Unsalted Nuts and Organic Honey Granola; with Assorted House-made Pastries and Dessert Breads
$225 serves 50 / 16 oz cup and 2-3 baked items per person

5. Mixed Fresh Berry & Fruit Tray with Fresh Yogurt Dip

6. Assorted Artisan Cheeses & Cracker Tray

7. Assorted Premium Deli Meats & Artisan Cheese Tray with Handcrafted Dollar Rolls & Sauces